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In many cases, the defense hinges on investigation. No prosecutor would go to trial without the benefit of having an investigative report prepared by an investigator, whether that be a patrol officer or detective. Why would a defense attorney go to trial or attempt to resolve a case without the benefit of having an investigative report prepared by a defense investigator?

Law Enforcement officers gather inculpatory evidence in order to convict the accused. Most often they select a theory then gather information to support that theory. Sometimes there is no investigation done, just an accusation made. Defense investigators gather exculpatory evidence in order to assist defense attorney’s with preparing a case for trial.

Evidence can be physical or circumstantial. Though law enforcement gather both, private investigators deal mostly with circumstantial evidence. Are witnesses credible? Are they accurate? Is there an alibi? Defense investigators interview witnesses, prepare diagrams, photograph and video crime scenes, investigate ballistic evidence, conduct background investigations on potential witnesses in order to establish the witnesses character and credibility, and work closely with experts throughout the forensic community.

When convicted of a crime there are various consequences other than incarceration such as drivers license restrictions, life time sex offender registration, narcotic offender registration and gang member registration. There are also enhancements for committing crimes such as being armed during the commission of certain offenses.

For the best possible resolution a defendant should have the benefit of having their case investigated by an experienced investigator. Our office utilizes the office of Special Investigations Group, a full service private investigations firm specializing in criminal defense. Special Investigations Group has operated in Solano County for over ten years. Their investigators are highly trained and educated and are available 24/7. For more information contact us today.

For more detail on the services they provide, visit specialinvestigationsgroup.net