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As President Biden has chosen his new US Supreme Court pick to replace Justice Breyer – DC Court of Appeals Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson – she portends to have an impact on a number of issues related to criminal law and thus criminal defense.

As the US Supreme Court is the highest Court in the land, and State laws including California Law are limited by the United States Constitution and what the US Supreme Court interprets the Constitution to mean, each of the nine justices have a role in shaping the limits of Government power. This includes, in the area of criminal defense, the limits of the police or authorities to search your person, property, or home without a warrant, what types of firearms can be possessed and who can possess them, the limits of when Miranda rights must be read, police interrogation tactics, the right of a defendant to confront and cross-examine their accuser, and countless other issues that come before the Court.

Time will tell how Judge Brown-Jackson will interpret these issues and how she views the limits of the US Constitution to protect the inalienable rights of those charged with crimes in the United States.However, as Judge Brown-Jackson will be the first US Supreme Court Justice to have served as a public defender, there are high hopes that she can bring a new perspective to the Court that accounts for the experiences of criminal defendants and their rights that has not been present on the Court in decades.

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