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Why Local Defense Attorneys Get Better Results

If you or a loved one is being investigated for, arrested, or charged with a crime, you need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate on your behalf to pursue all legal remedies available to get the best results. But, not all defense attorneys are created equal, and, even if an attorney is very good, if they do not regularly practice in the California county where you are being investigated or charged, you may still be at a disadvantage. But why?

The reason is that the relationships that your defense attorney has with the District Attorney, Judge, and Court staff actually matter a lot to the outcome of a given case. If the District Attorney handling your matter for instance knows that your lawyer is extremely skilled at trial or legal writing, they may be more willing to concede certain issues or make a better offer to resolve the case, at a sooner time, than they would to an out-of-town attorney with whom they have no relationship or knowledge of their abilities. Similarly, a Judge may be more willing to defer to an attorney who they are familiar with, or take representations at face value. Court staff is more likely to be helpful to an attorney they know, and extend certain courtesies such as providing the court minute order promptly after Court.

In addition to the deference the different Court players show an attorney with whom they are familiar, the local attorney will also have important insight into those same players and how that may impact strategy regarding the case, often with significant repercussions on the possible outcome. And, such attorneys familiar with the different Judges, District Attorneys, and Court staff will also know the policies and procedures of those different Courtrooms, and how cases of a nature similar to yours may have resolved in the past – all factors that can impact the outcome of a case or how quickly a good result for a case can be obtained. Some facts, in addition, such as the recent sanctioning of a certain police officer, may not be common knowledge and, with such knowledge, a more favorable result is likely easier achieved.

For all of these reasons, and many more, make sure that when you do hire a criminal defense attorney, that they regularly practice in the Courthouse where you are charged or possibly may be charged, as the inherent advantages, institutional knowledge, and relationships that attorney may have garnered within that County oftentimes are very important to the handling of your case.

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